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Saving lives is what it’s all about

Children learn best when they can practice a skill until they master it. Choking rescue training with the patented Anti Choking Trainer allows children-and the adults who care about them-to learn by doing, so they’re prepared and confident to act in any choking emergency

Trusted by the World’s Best Instructors

When Abdominal Thrusts are performed correctly, a soft foam plug shoots out giving instant feedback.

Each Anti Choking Trainer has an attachable pad for Back Blow simulation.

Students can practice self-rescue or victim rescue skills while sitting, standing, or lying down.

The Children’s Anti Choking Trainer may be worn by students or placed on a manikin for choking rescue skills instruction

Comprehensive Guide for Effective Instruction

Act Fast's Choking Prevention and First Aid Instructional Guide by international authority, Ted Crites, CHES, focuses on prevention strategies; knowing what to do in a choking emergency and how to effectively use the Children’s Trainer.

Instructional Guide

Choking Prevention and First Aid
For School Age Children

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